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Welcome to the Omega Experience

If you are like most healthcare providers today, you’re probably feeling the strain of a system in transition, with increasing pressure to control costs and meet high quality standards. Public and private payers are forcing patients to move more quickly from acute care to less expensive levels of care. The fast pace of change and the need for greater resources are making it difficult for many providers to respond to the needs of a growing patient population that requires transitional care before returning home.

Omega Rehab offers a solution. As a provider of rehabilitation services we’re working with progressive healthcare organizations to create cost-effective rehabilitation programs that focus on functional outcomes. We’re large enough to bring you the rehab resources, clinical techniques and systems you need, yet focused enough to value and dedicate attention to our operating partners.

Omega Rehab creates comprehensive rehabilitation programs driven by patient need, market need and resource availability. Our extensive capabilities, combined with our customers commitment to quality and customer service, will help keep you a step ahead of the competition. As the market for post acute services evolves, you can trust that we will continue to invest in program development, enhanced clinical outcomes, information systems and innovative therapeutic approaches to ensure success under prospective payment, and other forms of fixed payment.

Omega Rehabilitation Services LLC, offers a fully managed rehabilitation partnership approach with a complete array of services that include management systems, a dedicated staff of therapists, patient-centered care, clinical training, educational programs, and outcomes management. If enhancing your facility’s rehabilitation program and staying above the competition is your top priority, the opportunity is yours with the company that’s making a difference – Omega Rehabilitation Services LLC.

Experience the Difference.