Our Summary

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  • Omega Rehabilitation Services LLC is a comprehensive provider of therapy and rehabilitation services. We are performance driven and deliver quality therapy services in an ever-changing health care industry.

    Our industry constantly experiences changes and challenges.  Omega Rehabilitation Services provides the flexibility and knowledge you need to adapt to our healthcare climate.  We assume the administrative burden and responsibility to ensure that the highest quality of therapy services is provided.  We implement the necessary systems to maximize the rehabilitation programs.

    Omega Rehabilitation Services employs committed professionals who care about the people they serve.  They work in the skilled nursing, long-term care and the various environments we serve, because that is what they do best. They understand the responsibilities placed upon them by the health care industry and are prepared to fulfill them.

    Omega Rehabilitation Services has an excellent management team.  We understand the issues at hand for operators and administrations- operational constraints, staffing issues, highs and lows of census, ebbs and flows in reimbursement, and state and national regulatory changes.  As a result, you need a therapy service provider that is well prepared to thrive no matter what the scenario.

    We are fully equipped with the resources and personnel to guarantee the success of the program. Our management team maintains expertise and advancement in all aspects of industry compliance.  We identify your needs and incorporate a plan of action that is compatible with your organizational goals. 

    Our knowledgeable and professional therapists tailor therapy and rehabilitation programs to meet the needs of our clients.  We specialize in the implementation of innovative programs that will satisfy the needs of those we serve. 

    Utilizing resources from within our company, we successfully create new programs or revamp existing ones.  We commit to you in the therapy process.

    Whether it’s a facility in an underserved region of the country where there is a shortage of therapists or one in a metropolitan area of the city needing a change, we can help.

    Here are a few of the ways Omega Rehabilitation Services LLC assists you:

    Senior Management involvement, communication and follow up. Therapy management/team leadership involvement, supervision and oversight.

    An appropriately staffed therapy department with knowledgeable and experienced professionals available and on-site.

    Clinical supervision and continuing education on regulatory and reimbursement compliance issues locally and nationally.

    Timely and accurate submission of billing information.

    A proactive approach to denials management to minimize post payment reviews for all pertinent payers.

    Clinical and educational offerings designed to identify and address needs through in-service and training.

    Ongoing rehabilitation reviews and updates of overall program status. 

    Program development including but not limited to the screening process, quality indicator reports, MDS triggers and referrals.

    Patient management in collaboration with facility interdisciplinary team and staff.

    Omega Rehabilitation Services LLC takes a proactive approach to the rehabilitation process.  Our approach establishes your organization’s reputation for excellence in rehabilitation.  This defines your operation and increases your ability to market. Your census will be positively affected and you will find local network opportunities and valuable resources available to you.

    The Premiere Choice